Soundlabs Festival  


Soundlabs Festival is a "hand-made" festival. It is entirely organized by volunteers. As you can see from the list below, they come from a number of countries besides Italy, and are involved in different areas. We would like to thank them all, one by one.

Lorenzo Ferretti: Soundlabs local sponsoring and local promotion
Maria Rosaria Marcattilii: Soundlabs local sponsoring, local promotion and administrative issues
Marco Vittoria: Soundlabs local sponsoring, local promotion and local promotion assistance
Desiree Iezzi: Soundlabs Magazine Texts
Enrico Cannoni: Soundlabs Stage Manager
Vittoria Di Giannatale: Soundlabs Artists Reception & Catering
Elda Di Giannatale: Soundlabs Artists Reception & Catering
Stefano Raglione: Photo Lab Director
Fabio Perletta: Sound & Visions Lab Director
Giustino di Gregorio: Sound & Visions Lab Director
Davide Straccione: Driving the 1st Soundlabs Van
Elisa Natalini: Driving the 2nd Soundlabs Van
Aurelia De Laurentiis: Soundlabs Bar
Silvia Andrietti: Soundlabs Merchandising & Soundlabs Doctor
Federico Fortugno: Soundlabs Bar & Soundlabs Doctor
Alberto Vallonchini: Soundlabs Security & Legal Issues
Giampiero Palumbi: Soundlabs Security
Roberto Spinosi: Soundlabs Security

Leticia Vedolin: Soundlabs International Promotion

Carsten Borck: Soundlabs Graphics & Soundlabs Magazine Layout
Camilla Miehlke: Soundlabs Artists Reception & Catering

Jaime Martinez: Soundlabs Artwork
Jose Garcia Arista, aka Sgt. Pepe Dj: Soundlabs Aftershow Parties Resident dj

Anna Bychkova: Docu Lab Director
Dennis Bychkova: Docu Lab Assistant

Maritza Barreto: Soundlabs Artists Reception & Catering

Deborah Anne Bowen: Coordination of Soundlabs Artists Reception and Aatering, Soundlabs tshirts design, Soundlabs Magazine Texts

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